Monday, September 19, 2011

These 2 little boys...

...sure keep me BUSY, but I LOVE it!

These last few months have been the hardest, most trying, sweetest, fun-filled, crazy, stressful, beautiful, frustrating, difficult, tiresome, and exciting months of my entire life.

Casey graduated, we had baby #2 (and all of the fun that comes with that...little snuggles, late night feedings, recovery, little ears and toes, nursing struggles, infections, more snuggling, etc.), went to 2 family reunions, Casey went on our stake trek (my 1st time really alone with a two year old and 4 week old...yikes!), found an apartment to move to 1 1/2 weeks before we were to be out of our Provo home, found a couple to take over our Provo contract 1 week before moving, packed and moved to a new state, spent time at the NH Ranch with Heap family, spent time in Peoria with Ames family, Kamrie came with us to Mexico for almost a week with some of the Heap family, celebrated the 24th of July in St. Johns, Casey gave Kyler a name and blessing in St. Johns with both of our families there, Casey started medical school at the University of Arizona School of Medicine, had his White Coat Ceremony (it's official!), had a super fun surprise visit from Jacie, went to Peoria while Casey studied for his first test, had the Ames family here with us in Tucson for Labor Day weekend (it was a houseful of fun!) and went for some adventures on Mt. Lemmon, went to Mesa to visit Casey's family, Casey drew blood for the first time and gave shots, and he has already had his first 2 exams! And, of course, all of this has been with a 2 year old and a newborn...CRAZY and FUN are two words that sum it all up!

I'm just glad that I didn't try to throw potty training into the mix, I'm not quite ready for that :)

Holy moly, that all happened in a little over 4 months! Congratulations if you made it through that list...

I have been stretched to the limit (and then some) and I have been at the end of my rope lots of days. But as my mom wisely said to me recently, you just have to tie a knot and hang on!

The adjustment to having a new baby and moving and Casey starting medical school all happening at once has been quite an adjustment for me. I have had quite a rough time with it, but I am starting to feel like I am actually alive again and not just in survival mode.

But I wouldn't trade any of the harder times from the last few months for anything because I have these three boys to love (and I know that they love me):

Isn't this just the cutest thing EVER? Brigden did that all on his own- no prompting or posing here...He wants to be just like Daddy...They give the BEST concerts I've ever seen :)

Casey taught him to come up to me, lower his sweet sunglasses, and say, "Hey ba-be!"

Kyler is seriously the sweetest little boy...I am so grateful for his calm and easy-going personality.

Kyler (with his calmness) and Brigden (with his craziness) balance each other out very well!

At the end of the roughest and toughest days, my heart still is bursting with love for these boys who keep me on my toes all day long because they are helping me to become the mother and wife and person that I need to become. They teach me more than I ever thought possible. They are helping me to overcome my faults and insecurities. I hope and pray that I can teach them even a small fraction of what they are teaching me.

I love watching them sleep and thinking about the day that I just got to have with them, for better and for worse, because I couldn't be luckier to be the mommy of these sweet boys!

He had to have his trains lined up in just the right way before he could fall asleep :)

And that is what I should be doing- sleeping and gearing up for what tomorrow will bring! Good night!

P.S. More on Casey later...he is my hero!


The Hargrove Family said...

That is the stinkin cutest post of all time. I love it. And I know what you mean by being at the end of your rope. I swear it's the reason you have to be married and at least try to have kids before entering the Celestial's the TOUGHEST job in the world! You really walk through fire with children. Keep it up- you're doing great, I'm sure. If you're anything like me, you probably don't give yourself enough credit. But I'm so glad we both have great husbands that wouldn't let us go nuts. : )

Kristen and Andrew said...

WOW! SO glad you have survived the past few months! The boys are adorable! How are you adjusting to "single" momhood!? ;) We decided on a school here in California, and so far we have been so blessed. But Andrew is either at school or studying all day everyday... I'm sure this sounds familiar to you! Good Luck! :)

The Platt Fam said...

Mckelle I can't believe how big kyler is! Those boys are so dang cute! I wish I could see them more often. Hope all is well. Love you guys!

Margo & Tim Abbott said...

You are an inspiration! It is so great to hear about all you've had going on... thanks for the great update, you guys have sure been busy! We miss you all! And I miss YOU! Keep blogging as much as you can because I love to read it! Love ya!

Fernanda said...

I LOVE IT! It is crazy to move right after you have a baby...we did it too {of course we didn't have 2 of them}...hang on in there...I am sure that you are doing great! Miss hanging with you guys! Maybe one day we will hang out again!
The boys are just SOOOO ADORABLE!

Steven and Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness you are super momma! and I CANNOT get over how cute they are in their matching jammies!

Holly Decker said...

oh McKelle, you are amazing. You are such a bright, beautiful, talented, sweet, spiritual, wonderful, young mother! I just admire you to the moon and back.
I want to eat up Kyler, what a doll. I am so proud of you and all you are doing- none of those things are easy, but you are doing it- and making it!
I know your little family picture in the conference ensign will not be the last... one day you are going to be general RS president- I just know it! and i will brag that i used to be your neighbor.
I miss your sweet face and am so thankful for this little update on all your big happenings.
i just love you. you are MY hero.