Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Past due...

So, this post is REALLY past due, and you may already know this, but I know that some of you do not...Anyway, we are expecting again! We are going to be having another little BOY in May! And we are so so so excited! Brigden will have a little brother to be best friends with and play with and fight with! I had another appointment today and everything is still going great, I am 23 weeks along. This pregnancy has been going by so fast...I hope it continues to feel that way because we can't wait for this little guy to get here. He is growing how he should and he moves like crazy! That is one of my most favorite parts about being pregnant.

Here is a quick ultrasound pic of our little guy:
(we couldn't get a good profile pic)
And here I am at about 20 weeks:

I don't really know how to feel about having 2 kids instead of 1...some days I am so so excited and other days I feel so so overwhelmed with the thought, but we are definitely way more excited than overwhelmed. We can't wait for MAY!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A HEAP of Highlights from 2010!

2010 was a great year for our family, I wish I would have been better at blogging about it! But here are highlights from each month...Be ready for picture overload! There are a ton more I wish I could have shared, but I'll spare ya...Each of these pictures has some kind of special meaning to us...I wish I could share a story for every one...
2011, we are ready for you!
January 2010

Scuba diving at the Heber crater for certifcation

Sick little boy

February 2010

Fun at the park during Daddy's lunch break!

The Bean Museum at BYU

March 2010

Just like Daddy...

Cute cousins!

April 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Brigden!

He picked up the whole plate of cake and shoved it in his face! Crazy boy!

Brigden's first birthday card!

Graduation! What an exciting day!

Fun at the park for a graduation celebration

May 2010

A whole pear!

Helping Mommy cook...

AZ trip, Brigden LOVES Allie the dog (and Grandpa too!)

Slam dunk! This boy sure loves sports, just like his Daddy...

June 2010

Diving in the FLORIDA KEYS! What a trip!

Silly aunties!

summer boy! a boy after his mom's heart!

July 2010

Fun at the park over 4th of July weekend in St. George

Freedom Parade in Provo

The best helper in the yard...this boy sure loves cleaning up!

24th of July celebration in St. Johns, AZ

Fun at the RODEO!

A HEAP of Highlights from 2010, continued...

August 2010
visiting Grandpa at work on our trip to AZ

mmmm... :)

fun at the NH Ranch

Hide and seek

September 2010
My best helpers! Casey is the spray painting master

What's up?!

Our last trip to Seven Peaks waterpark...We hung out there all summer!

He wants to be just like his daddy...

Fun in the gardens at the park
October 2010
Our little pool boy -Grandpa's little helper

Fun at Jumpin' Jacks with friends

Just relaxin' with a book!

Working hard at Uncle Jim's

Happy Halloween from the cutest little skeleton around!

November 2010
BYU Football FUN!
Scary monsters!

Happy Thanksgiving from NH Ranch!

December 2010
Daddy's last day of school! Til med school in August atleast... :)
YAY, we get to see him again!

My best little helper! He loves sorting the silverware from the dishwasher...

Setting up the Christmas tree!


**More Christmas pics to come! Maybe... ;)